Change of Life Insurance Beneficiary Not The Result of Undue Influence

The Decedent had a life insurance policy which named his mother as the beneficiary.  Subsequently the decedent met and dated his girlfriend. They eventually moved in together and had a baby girl together in 2003.  While his girlfriend was pregnant, they discussed decedent changing the beneficiary of the policy.  In 2005 decedent began having serious medical problems. In August 2006…read more →

Injured Party Has Waived Doctor-Patient Privilege Once He Asserts Medical Defense and Releases Preliminary Medical Records

            Plaintiff was injured when he was struck by a vehicle driven by the defendant.  In response to a complaint filed by the plaintiff, the defendant raised the defense of “sudden medical emergency.”   In his answers to a first set of requests for discovery, the defendant admitted that he had recently been prescribed Xanax, and that he took a pill…read more →

Real Estate Transfer Upheld Even Where Transferor-Heir to Real Estate Never Opened Probate Estate

            In 1984 Lyall and June Aldrich signed a quit claim deed that transferred ownership in some land to their three children, Kim Aldrich, Randy Aldrich, and Kit Price as tenants in common.   Randy Aldrich died without a Will in 1998.  No probate estate was opened at the probate court after his death.  In June 2001 Randy’s wife, Carol,  signed…read more →

Dave Camp Announces Hearing on the Treatment of Closely-Held Businesses in the Context of Tax Reform

Congressman Dave Camp (R-Mi), Chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means, has announced that the Committee will hold the second of two hearings on how accounting rules cause different types of businesses – specifically, publicly-traded and closely-held businesses – to evaluate tax policy choices differently. Whereas a previous hearing focused on financial accounting rules and publicly-traded companies, this hearing…read more →

A health system’s actual procurement costs for surgical implants is subject to disclosure for payment consideration by auto no-fault insurers.

Patients of Bronson Methodist Hospital, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, were involved in motor vehicle accidents and sustained traumatic, orthopedic injuries requiring surgical implants.  Pursuant to the no-fault act (MCL 500.3107(1)(a)), Bronson submitted its charges incurred by the patients to the liable no-fault auto insurer (Auto-Owners Insurance Company) for payment.  The no-fault insurer paid the health system’s charges except for the line item…read more →

A minor investment to investigate the facts of an accident is the difference between no-fault coverage paying versus private pay or government reimbursement.

A man was walking was walking his dog on a road.  A car and a snowmobile were approaching in opposite directions to the man and his dog.  The car had its headlight on.  The operator of the snowmobile testified that the car’s headlights blinded/obstructed his vision such that he did not see the man walking his dog.  The snowmobile struck…read more →

Title Insurance Company Not Liable For Failure To Expeditiously Resolve Suit

A&A Property Management owned a gas station in the City of Detroit.  It purchased the gas station by taking out a secured loan from Comerica Bank. It also maintained its fuel supply through a mortgage arrangement with Armada Oil and Gas.  Armada recorded its mortgage first.  When A&A defaulted on its loan payments with Comerica, Comerica got a court-appointed receiver…read more →

Saving Auto No-Fault Insurance In Michigan

Last evening, February 2, 2012, a town hall meeting was held in Traverse City, Michigan, about saving auto no-fault insurance in Michigan.  The town hall meeting was sponsored by the Coalition Protecting Auto No-fault (CPAN) and was well attended by members of the greater northern Michigan community, including many health care providers (e.g. , Munson Healthcare, Great Lakes Orthopedics (B….read more →