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Auto No-Fault Insurance Claims by Medical Providers

Medical service providers have legal standing to independently bring and enforce auto no-fault insurance claims. Recently, however, auto no-fault insurers have tried to challenge and prevent medical providers from bringing legal action directly against the insurer. In Wyoming Chiropractic Health Clinic, P.C. v Auto-Owners Ins Co, __ Mich App __ (2014)(a unanimous published opinion) the […]

Auto No-Fault Insurance Reform

The auto no-fault insurance industry’s recent effort to reform the Michigan system of auto insurance is currently stalled before the Michigan House of Representatives. The version of the bill as passed by the State Senate, changed modestly after being reported out by the House Committee on Insurance. As with any politically charged issue, partisan rhetoric […]

NASCAR Admits Catch-Fence System Failure Is Not New

NASCAR admits that catch-fence system failure is not new. Remarkably, in a moment of candor, Steve O’Donnell, NASCAR’s senior vice president for racing operations, remarked “‘This is not new.’” Viv Bernstein, NY Times, dated February 24, 2013. It truly is not. In 1987, the gravity of this known danger of poorly designed catch-fencing systems was […]