Medical service providers have legal standing to independently bring and enforce auto no-fault insurance claims. Recently, however, auto no-fault insurers have tried to challenge and prevent medical providers from bringing legal action directly against the insurer. In Wyoming Chiropractic Health Clinic, P.C. v Auto-Owners Ins Co, __ Mich App __ (2014)(a unanimous published opinion) the Michigan Court of Appeals soundly rejected the insurance industry’s unfounded attack. The insurance industry filed a request to appeal with the Michigan Supreme Court. In an Order dated May 28, 2015, the Michigan Supreme Court denied the request, which means that the Court of Appeals’ interpretation of the law was (and has been for decades on this precise subject) correct. For more information about assessing and enforcing medical service provider no-fault claims, contact Smith & Johnson, Attorneys, P.C., for a free consultation.

Authored by L. Page Graves