With summer tourism in full swing here in Northern Michigan, particularly with the upcoming Cherry Festival and 4th of July festivities in all our harbor towns and area inland lake communities, it is never too late or too redundant to advocate against drunk driving.  It affects us all.  The risks are immeasurable and sadly, in some instances, irreplaceable.  But there really is a simple solution: call a cab if you have been drinking.  There are ample resources in the region to accommodate and get you back home (or to your hotel) safely.   The reality is, however, these next two weeks prove to be one of the more active statistical drunk driving arrest periods in Northern Michigan.  Whether you have been injured by a drunk driver or you have been arrested for drunk driving, our experienced trial attorneys here at Smith & Johnson, Attorneys, P.C., can help.  Please call us at 1-866-946-0700.

Authored by L. Page Graves