State and Federal Employment & Labor Law

Statewide, our firm is known for its able representation of both employers and employees including such areas as termination, sexual harassment, handicappers’ rights and age discrimination. For over 25 years, we have assisted employers seeking to avoid unionization. Our broad experience includes labor contract negotiations, as well as development and administration of employee manuals.

State and Federal Employment & Labor Law Areas of Service

  • Administrative Hearings and MESC Representation and Defense
  • Age Discrimination Defense and Litigation
  • Collective Bargaining, Union Negotiations and Labor Arbitrations
  • Employee Benefits, Employment Contracts and Executive Compensation
  • Employee Manual Development and Implementation
  • Handicappers’ Rights Defense and Litigation
  • National Labor Relations Board Proceedings
  • Personnel and Policy Planning
  • Sexual Harassment and Discrimination
  • Defense and Litigation
  • Social Security Disability Benefit
  • Workers’ Disability Compensation and Defense
  • Wrongful Termination Defense and Litigation

Our Labor & Employment Law Attorneys

State and Federal Employment & Labor Law Attorney