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Statewide, our firm represents medical service providers in their collection of unpaid and/or underpaid auto no-fault insurance patient accounts. We also serve as general counsel to medical service providers. As general counsel, we implement, maintain and update auto no-fault insurance billing procedures which serve two critical goals: to facilitate prompt payment in full and to save aging accounts from being statutorily barred by the Michigan Automobile No-Fault Insurance Act’s one-year-back rule. We also counsel our provider clients on any other no-fault insurance issue that may arise.

When implemented aggressively and under the right set of facts, medical service providers can collect their unpaid accounts without expense. That is because in certain circumstances, statutory interest and attorney fees are to be paid by the no-fault insurer for having delayed in making proper payment. Thus, it is not uncommon for a medical provider to recover not only its principle charges, but interest and fees, too which often balance out the underwritten expense in pursuing the collection matter altogether.

For a more detailed discussion of this topic and the area of no-fault collections for medical service providers, you are invited to access our Bill Processing Manual for Medical Providers: Getting Paid In Full And On Time©.

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