sj_car_rainCar accidents are a common personal injury occurrence that may result in many different degrees of devastation. A split-second lapse in judgment by a negligent driver can leave you or a loved one with injuries that could last a lifetime. To complicate matters, insurance companies often force victims to make rushed decisions that can have long term financial consequences during the early stages of the claim process.

Now what, right? You ask yourself: Who do I talk to? Who should I not talk to? What does my automobile insurance cover? What does the other driver’s insurance cover? I am going to miss work; how am I going to pay my bills? The pain is unbearable and the accident was not my fault; what can I do about this? This common sampling of questions that immediately fills your head is overwhelming. You need answers. You need help.

Securing the benefits you are owed and deserve can be a lengthy process. Insurance companies make money by not paying money. A knowledgeable auto accident attorney to help guide you through this process will see to it that you recover all the benefits and monies you are entitled under the law.

What Are My Rights if I Get In An Auto Accident?

The most important thing to know in the case of an auto accident is your rights. Michigan has a no-fault law that requires drivers to purchase first-party insurance that will cover the cost of medical care and rehabilitation for themselves and those injured inside their cars. It is called the Michigan Automobile No-Fault Insurance Act [MCL 500.3101 et seq]. The law is complex and ever changing by our courts. Our Personal Injury team of lawyers, Tim Smith, Page Graves and Brad Wierda, have dedicated their entire professional careers studying the no-fault law, following its annual changes and weekly court interpretations. Recent changes to this statute make it even more complicated for auto accident victims to recover what they are owed.

This type of insurance will not cover other vehicles involved in the accident. If you are hurt in an accident, you will need to file a claim for first-party benefits with your no-fault insurer. If you are a passenger, you can potentially file a claim with the insurer of the vehicle.

If you were seriously injured you may be entitled to pain and suffering damages from the at-fault driver. We have recovered millions in pain and suffering damages for our auto accident clients here in northern Michigan – both through settlements and trials.

Auto Accident Representation with Smith & Johnson

Car accidents happen—and when they do, you need a law firm with experience in handling personal injury claims arising out of an automobile accident. Because our Personal Injury team deals with this area of personal injury law on a daily basis, we are able to help those who have been involved in auto accidents in Northern Michigan and the State, to protect their legal rights under the Michigan No-fault law. An auto accident is a traumatic experience. The insurance companies are not on your side and you need an experienced auto accident attorney at your side, fighting for your rights. You get one chance to obtain all the benefits from your auto accident that the law allows. With Smith & Johnson’s auto accident attorneys at your side through the entire claim process, you will know you are obtaining every benefit you are entitled to under the law.

To have our auto accident team step in to fight for you, there is no retainer to be paid up front. Our clients only pay if we win for them. We advance all costs of the litigation including filing fees, medical records costs, and deposition costs, on your behalf. We don’t collect a fee until your claim is resolved. This gives our clients financial peace of mind and one less thing to worry about as they focus on recovering from their auto accident injuries.

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