truckSemi trucking accidents account for more deaths to the occupants of the other cars involved in the crash.  See U.S. Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Facts, 2012 Data.  Yet, it is the professionally trained truck driver who is supposed to have been trained to drive defensively and avoid these accidents that occur.  With shipping deadlines and dollars at stake, some trucking companies push their drivers to the edge of the law, all at the risk to those of us lawfully on the road.

Trucking companies and commercial truck drivers are regulated by the federal government.  They are held to a higher standard of responsibility to others on the road.  But the reality remains: trucking accidents do happen.  And when they do, you need a law firm with experience in handling personal injury claims arising out of a trucking accident.

Because our Personal Injury Team of lawyers, Tim Smith, Page Graves and Brad Wierda have been fighting trucking companies in this area of personal injury law on a daily basis, we are able to help those who have been involved in trucking accidents in Northern Michigan and the State, to protect their legal rights under the law.

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