What to Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Attorney

If you’ve decided to end your marriage, it’s wise to enlist legal help. Even if you anticipate a fairly amicable split, a seasoned attorney will help you navigate the proceedings with ease, all the while advocating for your rights.

It’s important to remember, however, that not all lawyers are equipped to handle divorce cases. Consequently, you shouldn’t turn to just anyone for counsel.

To ensure your case ends up in good hands, it’s imperative to do your due diligence. This generally starts with scheduling an initial consultation and then asking the following questions before the meeting ends:

1. Have You Counseled Many Clients Who Were Facing Circumstances Similar to My Own?

While every marriage is undeniably unique, many share a lot of the same elements, and it’s important to turn to someone who is familiar with those that apply to your situation. If you have children with your spouse, for example, you need guidance from someone who’s well-versed in the child support and custody laws in your state. If, on the other hand, you started a business together, you’ll want to make sure you enlist help from a lawyer who knows how to address sizable assets.

2. Do You Have Litigation Experience?

Ending a marriage is a highly emotional endeavor, and the sad reality is even those who expect a clean break can find themselves in the middle of a contentious legal battle. As such, it’s wise to hire someone who can take your case to trial if settling proves impossible.

By hiring an attorney who has litigation experience, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens, your case will proceed in capable hands.

3. How Accessible Will You Be over the Course of the Proceedings?

You might not be the firm’s only client, but you certainly deserve to feel like you are. At the very least, your lawyer should make you feel as though they care as much about the outcome of your case as you do.

Put another way, you deserve frequent and detailed updates on the status of the proceedings. You also deserve prompt answers to any questions or concerns that arise along the way.

You can gauge a firm’s commitment to customer service by reading reviews from past clients. It’s important to inquire about the lawyer’s availability, as well. During your first meeting, for example, ask how long it will take them to get back to you when you reach out.

4. What Is Your Fee Structure?

Since divorce can get complicated quickly, you should be wary of anyone who promises to take your case for a low flat rate. Should issues arise along the way, they may not be willing to put in the time to resolve them as favorably as possible.

Discuss Your Case with a Divorce Lawyer in Michigan

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