Smith & Johnson, Attorneys was proud to participate on 11/7/19 in the 2019 Injury Board Day of Action – Smart Home Initiative. The Injury Board Day of Action is a nationwide campaign to not only build awareness, but also provide support to those who have suffered catastrophic injuries and are now in need of assistance with some of the things we take for granted in our day to day lives, such as turning on and off the lights or television, answering the phone, playing music or even finding out the day’s news or weather. The campaign is coordinated by Smith & Johnson, Attorneys, P.C. and the Injury Board, a professional non-profit organization of trial attorneys who pool their time, talent and resources to expand the footprint of grass roots organizations. In doing so, the association aims to contribute to the strengthening of our communities.

Home automation products that many people take for granted as a luxury become vital for those recovering from traumatic brain injuries. The ability to control lights, heating and air conditioning, turn on the television or simply summon assistance is fun technology for most consumers, but can make the difference between complete dependence and partial dependence for survivors of traumatic brain injury.

Smith & Johnson donated home automation systems to Lighthouse Rehabilitation here in Traverse City, Michigan in an effort to help therapists and medical professionals prepare their patients for life after they are discharged. By learning how to control everyday devices with their voice, patients and their family members will be better positioned to utilize “smart home” technology as they adapt to their new normal. Eric Rohring, Program Director at Lighthouse Rehabilitation, plans to use the smart home technology in their group living space.

This donation by Smith & Johnson was part of a national outreach known as the Injury Board Day of Action – a collaborative effort by the nation’s leading plaintiff attorneys to make a difference in the local communities. “We wish a donation like this wasn’t necessary,” said Attorney Tim Smith at Smith & Johnson, Attorneys, “but we sadly see every day the struggles and difficulty of disabled accident victims adapting to life after a traumatic injury. Medical professionals and physical therapists routinely tell us how life altering their home automation devices can be for those that have no – or very limited – mobility.” “Lawsuits are in the news all the time,” said Attorney Tom Young, Founder of Injury Board. “But traumatically injured victims are often overlooked once the headlines fade. While home automation won’t help someone walk again, it can help them be just a little less dependent on others. We are passionate about helping victims regain independence.”

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