5 Qualities to Look for in a Divorce Attorney

Are you planning on hiring an attorney to assist with your divorce? While it’s certainly wise to seek counsel—especially with so much at stake—it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t turn to just anyone. Even those lawyers who claim to be well-versed in family law may not necessarily be equipped to take your particular case.

So, how can you find someone who is? Generally speaking, the best way to start is by doing a bit of research.

Look up firms in your area that handle divorce, and then evaluate their credentials. Once you find an attorney worth considering, it’s wise to schedule a meeting so you can confirm that he or she possesses the following qualities:

1. Relevant Experience

No two divorces are exactly the same. Those that involve the same elements, however, tend to demand similar strategies.

Whatever the specifics of your situation may be, it’s advisable to find a lawyer who is familiar with them. If you and your spouse share children, for example, you should make sure your attorney is well-versed in Michigan’s custody laws. If, on the other, you started a business together, you’ll want guidance from someone who knows how to handle such an intertwined asset.

2. Compassion

Over the course of the proceedings, you’re inevitably going to have good days and bad. It’s important to work with a lawyer who understands as much and will make you feel comfortable on even your worst days.

3. Trial Experience

If some kind of major dispute arises, you and your spouse may end up before a judge. Should this be the case, you’ll want counsel from a seasoned litigator. If you turn to a legal team with trial experience from day one, you won’t have to change attorneys midway through the proceedings should you find yourself in court.

4. Availability

When you have questions about your case, you deserve answers promptly. You also deserve frequent updates on the status of various motions. Moreover, your lawyer should be just as invested in the outcome of your case as you are.

If reviews from past clients indicate that the attorney doesn’t provide the kind of personalized care or attention you deserve, it may be best to look elsewhere for counsel.

5. A Good Reputation

How do past clients talk about the firm you’re considering? What about others in the legal field? In general, you can trust a practice that has made a name for itself among both clients and peers as honest, trustworthy, and tenacious.

In addition to reading reviews, you can learn about a firm’s reputation by scrutinizing any awards they have received and evaluating any professional organizations they have joined.

Discuss Your Case with a Divorce Lawyer in Michigan

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