The posted speed limit applies to perfect driving conditions (e.g., lighting, weather and traffic flow).  It is the maximum speed allowed in that perfect driving context.  When less than optimum conditions are present (e.g., reduced light/vision, wet roads or congested traffic), the basic speed law requires that you reduce your speed so that you can safely stop your vehicle within the assured clear distance ahead of whatever is in front of you (e.g., a car, a pedestrian, etc.).  Regrettably, some drivers ignore this basic rule of the road and drive the posted speed limit (if not exceed it) in poor driving conditions.  Raise your hand if you have been driving in a snow squall and semi-truck has blown past you in the passing lane, kicking up more snow and making driving even more dangerous.  Driving too fast for conditions can lead to dangerous crashes.  Maintain the appropriate speed for conditions present.  It is the law.


Authored by L. Page Graves