Smith & Johnson is saddened to announce the passing of partner Allen Anderson.

Allen was known for both his keen legal intellect and his immeasurable kindness. He was a lover of both dogs and horses, and cherished by all of his friends both here in the States and abroad. He was fond of three piece suits and capped toe cowboy boots – a fashion statement rarely seen north of the Mason-Dixon Line. He enjoyed snow plowing his neighborhood drive in his 3/4 ton crew cab as much as he enjoyed reading and drafting articulate legal briefs for his clients. His days at the firm were spent solving legal problems for his clients and drinking the sublime coffee brewed across the street from the office at Frenchies Famous, which were often delivered by Frenchy himself.

We couldn’t have asked for a better partner or friend than Allen. Please read his obituary and share in remembrance. He was one of a kind and is already missed more than we can begin to describe.