Smith & Johnson Works with Wexford County to Secure Reimbursement for Taxpayer Monies Spent Fighting the Opioid Epidemic


Smith & Johnson, Attorneys PC is proud of their representation of Wexford County in the Federal Municipal Opioid Litigation.

The question facing Wexford County tomorrow evening is whether or not to opt in to the litigation’s Negotiation Class in an effort to reach a global settlement on behalf of all municipalities.

Smith & Johnson is working diligently with Administrator Janet Koch and the Board of Commissioners to secure reimbursement of Wexford County taxpayer monies spent fighting the opioid epidemic that these companies created in our backyard.

This important litigation has already seen a change in the way these opioid manufacturers and distributors are doing business which will benefit not only the county, but the health of each and every citizen of Wexford in the long run.

We will continue the fight in Federal Court on behalf of Wexford and the 35 other municipalities we represent throughout Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

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