Drunk Snowmobiling Can Be Fatal

Winter has finally arrived with piles of fresh powder.  And for snowmobilers across the State of Michigan, the trails of northern Michigan are increasingly becoming more populated.  In Michigan, it is illegal to operate a snowmobile with a blood alcohol level equal or greater than .08.  The newly revised law took effect on December 30, 2014.  And while common sense dictates caution and due care, just like driving a car, there is no excuse for operating a snowmobile while under the intoxicating influence of alcohol (or controlled substances). Regrettably for all, a few people still recklessly use poor judgment and drink and ride snowmobiles while drunk.  And sadly, the tragic consequence for doing so can be fatal.  Sadly still, stories like this are endless and that is why snowmobiling publications and associations across the nation work tirelessly to promote safety and discourage drunk snowmobiling.  You can do your part by leading and encouraging others to do the same.  Now go enjoy the trails!

Authored by L. Page Graves