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If you’ve been injured in a collision with a commercial truck, gathering strong evidence is crucial to building a solid case and seeking the compensation you deserve. Here are some essential pieces of evidence to support your truck accident claim:

1. Police Report

Following any accident involving a commercial vehicle, it’s essential to contact law enforcement immediately. The responding officers will document the scene, gather statements from witnesses, and create a police report detailing their findings.

This report can serve as a valuable piece of evidence in your truck accident claim, providing important details about the circumstances of the crash and any citations issued to the truck driver.

2. Photographic Evidence

In today’s digital age, nearly everyone carries a camera in their pocket in the form of a smartphone. Use this to your advantage by taking photos of the accident scene, including damage to vehicles, skid marks on the road, road signs, traffic signals, and any visible injuries.

These photographs can provide visual documentation of the scene and help establish liability in your truck accident claim.

3. Witness Statements

Eyewitness testimony can be incredibly powerful in bolstering your truck accident claim. If there were witnesses to the crash, be sure to obtain their contact information and statements regarding what they saw and heard leading up to the collision.

Witness statements can corroborate your version of events and provide additional insight into the cause of the accident.

4. Electronic Data Recorders (EDRs)

Commercial trucks are equipped with devices called electronic data recorders, or “black boxes,” that capture valuable data about the vehicle’s operation leading up to the crash. This data may include vehicle speed, braking patterns, engine RPM, and seatbelt usage.

Obtaining and analyzing the data from the truck’s EDR can provide crucial insight into the driver’s actions and behavior prior to the collision.

5. Driver Logs and Records

Commercial truck drivers must keep in-depth logs of their driving times, rest breaks, and maintenance records. These logs can provide valuable evidence in your truck accident claim, especially if driver fatigue or negligence is suspected as a contributing factor to the crash.

Requesting and reviewing the driver’s logs and records can help establish a pattern of behavior that may have led to the accident.

6. Expert Analysis

In complex truck accident cases, expert testimony can be instrumental in proving liability and establishing the extent of your injuries and damages. Accident reconstruction experts, medical professionals, and financial experts can provide expert analysis and testimony to support your claim. Their expertise can help clarify technical aspects of the case and lend credibility to your allegations.

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