What parents should know about vaping from Legal Examiner:

In a recent article from Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Bonnie Halpern-Felsher discussed her research on young people’s perceptions of vaping products.

Dr. Halpern-Felsher explained that JUUL e-cigarettes contain over 41 milligrams of nicotine per pod which is the nicotine equivalent of 1 and a half to two packs of cigarettes. She also explained that JUUL uses a salt based nicotine which produces a less painful “throat hit” than what is inhaled from a combustible cigarette. Teens find it easier to smoke and become addicted to it more quickly.

Dr. Halpern-Felsher commented on JUUL’s marketing campaign which creates a false sense of safety among teens that an e-cigarette is a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. It is clear this is not that case, as the Center for Disease Control has now documented nearly 3 dozen deaths nationwide directly associated with vaping.

Standford University is providing tools for parents, educators and health care providers to address the dangers of vaping with teens. “We really try to illuminate the role that marketing plays in getting kids to use nicotine products. We want young people to understand that they’re being manipulated by manufacturers.”

Dr. Halpern-Felsher closes the interview and encourages parents to talk with their teens re: vaping: Talk to your sons and daughters using open-ended questions. You can say, “I read an article about vaping products. I’m curious: What do you know about these?” Then you can share your concerns: “If you’re using these products, I want to understand so I can get you some help. I’m not going to be mad.” You can also talk with your kids about how to refuse, helping them plan responses so that they feel ready to say no.

With the vaping death toll rising nationally, it is critical that parents combat the misleading marketing of JUUL and have very frank talks with their children. Litigation has already commenced against JUUL filed by users who have been injured and even families of those that have died.

The newly formed Multidistrict Litigation involving JUUL will be procedurally similar to the MDLs formed in the Municipal Opioid Litigation and the Roundup Cancer litigation that Smith & Johnson is currently involved in. Smith & Johnson is currently interviewing potential Michigan claimants for inclusion in this Federal MDL re: JUUL e-cigarettes. If you have questions about this litigation and what rights you may have, please contact Attorney Tim Smith at (231) 946-0700 for a free consultation.

Authored by Attorney Tim Smith