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Smith & Johnson Assist with Dann’s House Purchase

Smith & Johnson was proud to assist Dann’s House here in Traverse City in the purchase of a duplex that can service 7 residents. Dann’s House is a nonprofit that provides supportive housing for people who have experienced chronic homelessness and also suffer from persistent, severe Alcohol Use Disorder. Dann’s House doesn’t just provide a […]

Vaping & Chronic Lung Disease

There is an increasing consensus among experts that e-cigarettes, contrary to their marketing tactics, are not safer than traditional tobacco products. A long-term study reported in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine on December 16th shows an increased risk of developing chronic lung disease amongst vape users. For years, companies like JUUL have marketed their […]

JUUL and Vaping: Rising Use & Rising Deaths

There are two very concerning trends in vaping — rising use among teens and rising injury and death according to the Center for Disease Control [CDC]. These two vaping related data points are pointing toward the front end of what may become an epidemic. As of December 10, 2019, the CDC has documented a total […]