Since last week’s blog post, the Michigan Court of Appeals issued yet another published decision strengthening a medical provider’s independent standing to pursue no-fault benefits.  The case is Chiropractors Rehabilitation Group v State Farm Mut Ins Co, found here.   As has been the insurance industry’s repeated attack, State Farm challenged the standing of a medical provider to bring its own, independent no-fault claim.  And once again, the Court of Appeals rejected the attack relying on the express language of section 3112, which states, in pertinent part, that “[p]ersonal protection insurance benefits are payable to or for the benefit of an injured person. . . .” (Emphasis supplied).  The Court further relied on its previously published and binding decisions, including last week’s Covenant Med Ctr, Inc v State Farm Mut Auto Ins Co, found here.  The import of these decisions is clear: Medical Providers should aggressively pursue no-fault insurance recovery and ignore an insurer’s games in delaying and denying proper payment.  For a more informative discussion on how to build a successful medical provider auto insurance litigation campaign, please contact us for a free consultation.  Members of our team of no-fault insurance lawyers have been handling direct medical provider no-fault claims for over 15 years.

Authored by L. Page Graves