image01Whether you have been involved in an automobile accident, a trucking accident a motorcycle accident or any other mode or form of transportation (e.g., pedestrian), when a car is involved and you are injured, the Michigan no-fault law applies.

A common misunderstanding is that since you have automobile insurance, all is well. Not so. And also, if you were not at fault, that the other driver should pay your bills. Again, not so. By law, the at-fault driver is not liable for your medical bills. The truth is: you are liable to your medical providers for the cost of your care.  With auto no-fault insurance, what you have bought is simply a policy of insurance with CompanyX from which you can submit claims to for reimbursement consideration. But Insurance CompanyX can and commonly do dispute that the medical care you received is not related to a medical condition you suffered from the crash. When CompanyX says “No”, that is when you need help. You are now incurring debt (medical expenses). What you need is help reducing that debt load. There is no such thing as a complete recovery where you end up debt free; what you hope to accomplish by pursuing a no-fault claim is to reduce that debt.

Because our Personal Injury Team of lawyers, Tim Smith, Page Graves and Brad Wierda have been fighting the no-fault insurance industry on behalf of injured victims here in Northern Michigan and the State, we are able to those who have been wrongful denied no-fault benefits under the Michigan no-fault law.

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