Drunk Snowmobiling Can Be Fatal Winter has finally arrived with piles of fresh powder.  And for snowmobilers across the State of Michigan, the trails of northern Michigan are increasingly becoming more populated.  In Michigan, it is illegal to operate a snowmobile with a blood alcohol level equal or greater than .08.  The newly revised law took effect on December […]

Medical Provider No-Fault Rights Strengthened Again

Since last week’s blog post, the Michigan Court of Appeals issued yet another published decision strengthening a medical provider’s independent standing to pursue no-fault benefits.  The case is Chiropractors Rehabilitation Group v State Farm Mut Ins Co, found here.   As has been the insurance industry’s repeated attack, State Farm challenged the standing of a medical provider […]

Medical Provider Rights Strengthened In Michigan’s No-Fault Law

The Michigan Court of Appeals has strengthened medical service providers’ rights under the Michigan No-Fault Act.  On October 22, 2015, the court published a recent decision which upheld Covenant Medical Center’s claim against State Farm.  Specifically, Covenant had notified State Farm of its billings and its claim for payment.  Unbeknownst to Covenant, State Farm then […]

Radical Change to Michigan No-fault Law

There has been a radical change to Michigan’s No-fault Law.  The radical change was announced in the recent decision published by the Michigan Court of Appeals, on September 10, 2015. The radical case is Perkovic v Zurich American Insurance Company, __ Mich App __ (2015).  Since the no-fault act was enacted back in 1973, it […]

Avoiding Dangerous Chainsaw Accidents

Since last week’s major storm up in Northern Michigan, tree clean-up is the task at hand for a great many of residents.  Obviously, caution is paramount when operating a chainsaw.  Kickback is the most common and seriously harmful consequence of either inexperienced or careless operation.   Understanding the correct way to operate a chainsaw and avoid kickbacks is […]

Golf Cart Agreements

So you and your pals have driven to northern Michigan to play a round of golf at one of its many, beautiful golf courses. You get to the starter shack at the first tee box and the person takes down your assigned golf cart number and then presents to you a “Golf Cart Agreement”. You […]

Summer Festivals & Vendor Tents It is that time of the summer season up here in northern Michigan where festivals are in full swing. With that come corporate sponsors and vendors setting up their promotional tents for the designed purpose to engage potential customers. Vendor tents can be rather large and constructed of heavy metal. […]


It is that joyous, patriotic celebratory time of the summer when we gather together and watch municipal firework shows. The calendar of fireworks shows is considerable when you consider they will take place in so many of our beautiful communities here in northern Michigan. But it is always helpful to remind ourselves of the inherent […]

Keeping Dogs on a Leash

Up here in northern Michigan, we are blessed with so many trails, walkways and places to walk, hike, bike or recreate. And to many, dogs are equally part of that cherished family activity. For everyone’s benefit and safety using the trail, sidewalk, walkway or venue, dogs are required to be leashed at all times. Keeping […]

Right-of-Way On The Water

With summer now upon us here in Northern Michigan, the excitement to get out on the water builds. Refreshing yourself with the basic rules of navigation and right of way is always recommended. Failure to obey the rules and which causes an accident and injury will subject you to liability. Thus, it is also advisable […]