Call A Cab: Don’t Drink & Drive

With summer tourism in full swing here in Northern Michigan, particularly with the upcoming Cherry Festival and 4th of July festivities in all our harbor towns and area inland lake communities, it is never too late or too redundant to advocate against drunk driving.  It affects us all.  The risks are immeasurable and sadly, in some instances, […]

Automobile Stop And Search Is Legal Even If Initial Suspicion Of Violation Of Law Proves Wrong

          A police officer noticed a Pontiac Grand Prix swerving inside its lane on I-75.   It was never speeding and it never went outside of the lane markers, but it weaved almost continuously for three miles.  The officer pulled the vehicle over, suspecting intoxication.  Defendant was the passenger and another man was the driver.  The […]

In a PPO Contempt Proceeding, Focus is Only on Defendant’s Behavior Even if Complainant Placed Himself In a Location Where a Confrontation Is Likely To Result

Defendant and her husband were found in contempt of court for violating a personal protection order (PPO) entered against them by Defendant’s sister-in-law (the “complainant”), who was married to Defendant’s brother.  Defendant’s brother had been granted guardianship over Defendant’s 14-year-old son as a result of neglect proceedings involving the boy.  On the day in question, […]

Michigan’s New DWI/Sobriety Court Law Give Repeat Offenders New Ability To Get Restricted Licenses

Ever since the changes to Michigan’s drunk driving law in 1999, repeat drunk driving offenders have faced obstacles in getting their licenses back after revocation.  The driver had to go through annual review hearings to try to get their license back, provided they qualify.  Effective January 1, 2011, however, a new law, the DWI/sobriety court […]