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In Memory of Partner Allen Anderson

Smith & Johnson is saddened to announce the passing of partner Allen Anderson. Allen was known for both his keen legal intellect and his immeasurable kindness. He was a lover of both dogs and horses, and cherished by all of his friends both here in the States and abroad. He was fond of three piece […]

FDA Takes JUUL to Task For False Claims of JUUL Being a Safer Alternative

On September 18th, the Food and Drug Administration reprimanded JUUL for their false marketing around e-cigarettes being a safer alternative to cigarettes. The FDA ordered JUUL to “stop making unproven claims for its products” and “upped its scrutiny of a number of key aspects of Juul’s business, telling the company to turn over documents on […]

Is Vaping Causing Seizures?

From Smith & Johnsons Attorney Tim Smith in Legal Examiner: In April, the FDA announced that it was investigating 32 reports of people suffering seizures after vaping. Since then, 92 more reports were made to that agency. Seizures were reported by first time users and experienced e-cigarette users. Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said that […]

Smith & Johnson Works with Wexford County to Secure Reimbursement for Taxpayer Monies Spent Fighting the Opioid Epidemic   Smith & Johnson, Attorneys PC is proud of their representation of Wexford County in the Federal Municipal Opioid Litigation. The question facing Wexford County tomorrow evening is whether or not to opt in to the litigation’s […]

JUUL: The Evil We Haven’t Faced Before

The Henry Ford Hospital was recently the first to complete a double lung transplant as a result of a vaping induced lung injury. As reported by Smith and Johnson Attorney Tim Smith in the Legal Examiner: Dr. Hassan Nemeh, the Henry Ford Hospital surgeon who led the first double lung transplant on a teenager whose […]

What Parents Should Know About Vaping

What parents should know about vaping from Legal Examiner: In a recent article from Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Bonnie Halpern-Felsher discussed her research on young people’s perceptions of vaping products. Dr. Halpern-Felsher explained that JUUL e-cigarettes contain over 41 milligrams of nicotine per pod which is the nicotine equivalent of 1 and a […]

Detroit Hospital Performs First of It’s Kind Vaping-related Lung Transplant

Michigan hospital performs first of it’s kind vaping-related lung transplant. From Legal Examiner: Doctors at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit “have performed a double lung transplant on a man whose lungs were damaged from vaping.” “The hospital system announced Monday that it believes it is the first in the country to perform the surgery […]

Teen Vaping and JUUL’s Market Share Continue to Increase

Even with all the news coverage about the health risks associated with vaping, in just three short years, the number of teens who reported vaping nicotine in the past month has more than doubled. The Journal of the American Medical Association on 11/5/19 reported that 28% of high schoolers and 11% of middle schoolers reported […]

2019 Injury Board – Smart Home Initiative

Smith & Johnson, Attorneys was proud to participate on 11/7/19 in the 2019 Injury Board Day of Action – Smart Home Initiative. The Injury Board Day of Action is a nationwide campaign to not only build awareness, but also provide support to those who have suffered catastrophic injuries and are now in need of assistance […]