The auto no-fault insurance industry’s recent effort to reform the Michigan system of auto insurance is currently stalled before the Michigan House of Representatives. The version of the bill as passed by the State Senate, changed modestly after being reported out by the House Committee on Insurance. As with any politically charged issue, partisan rhetoric and misleading talking points have deliberately clouded the factual reality of what is really at stake. And regrettably, many news accounts of the important debate do not clarify or correct the rhetoric but instead, merely repeat what each side to the debate has alleged. Objectivity is what Michigan residents expect from their State Legislators as opposed to re-election campaign donation inspired action. For more objective information as to both sides of the issue, please contact Smith & Johnson, Attorneys, P.C., for a free consultation and discussion about this important topic that impacts all Michigan residents and our State’s critically important economic driver: Pure Michigan tourism from abroad.

Authored by L. Page Graves